A reflection on the Laneway festival

A week ago today I was at the Laneway festival, having the absolute time of my life. I’d gone in there knowing only five bands but seeing as one of those bands was The Horrors*, there was no way I wouldn’t attend. I knew of Gotye from the ubiquitous “Somebody That I Used To Know” and from hearing more of his stuff, I realised that he is amazing. A cousin gave me Laura Marling and Feist’s entire discography and I realised they too were amazing. I thought a little summary of the memorable moments might be nice (and also help me relive what was the best day of my life thus far):

  • While waiting outside for the gates to open, my friend and I were approached by a man who worked in radio and we gave a spontaneous interview about preconcert feelings.
  • Once inside, we walked around the market stalls and a random stranger came up to me, kissed me and walked away, all without a word.
  • Laura Marling was adorable in every way.
  • During Feist’s set, I was going mental with excitement and actually squealed when I saw Rhys** briefly appear on stage.
  • The Horrors were so incredibly good that I can’t put it into words. They played my favourite songs from both albums (“Sea Within A Sea” and “I Can See Through You”) and I almost exploded into fangirl confetti from my extreme happiness.
  • On a total high from The Horrors, I actually danced when M83 came on next and was totally getting down with the young drunk lovers. I never dance, I cannot dance, I look and feel stupid dancing, but I was so happy I didn’t care.
  • Gotye had magnificent stage presence and his songs are so clever and he is so talented and I’m pretty sure I fell in love with him***.

Basically I had the best day ever. Live music gives a buzz like nothing else and seeing your favourite band live is something everyone should experience.
Also, you should definitely check out these songs:

*I love The Horrors a helluva lot, have I ever mentioned that?
**Rhys Webb – I act like I’m on first name terms with every Horror and will likely refer to them like friends. I’m not a creep or a stalker though, promise.
**I don’t believe in love at first sight but with musicians it’s a different story.

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