Now I’m ready to start

Many, many times in my life I have tried to start a blog. It never worked out, from lack of inspiration to fear of over-sharing. I’ve written diaries since I knew how to hold a pen and have long wanted somewhere to vent my thoughts and express my opinions. Diaries are the obvious choice as, assuming you have friends who respect your privacy*, they are private so you can write whatever you want. But for a while now I have wanted to share my words with more than just a white blank page**. I recently had a relatively deep conversation with a family friend who encouraged me to discover my passion in life. He recommended I start a blog as I love writing and sharing my (sometimes unwarranted) opinions. So that is the plan here. I want to write about music and my thoughts and my life. I’ll end the post here before I start getting airy-fairy-pretentious-hipster-douchebag about it.

*lol I totally didn’t.
**half-baked musical references are likely to feature throughout the majority of my writing.

4 thoughts on “Now I’m ready to start

  1. I had the same issue when I started a blog ages ago – I kind of wanted to record stuff that came up in my life but is that a diary or what? Anyway I look forward to reading about your thoughts on life.


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