Beautiful subjectivity

I sometimes wonder about the idea of beauty and how subjective it is. Most people that I find physically beautiful only appear that way once I learn more about their talents, capabilities and personalities. Some actors I’ve been completely indifferent to, but after they play a character that appeals to me, their charm increases tenfold. I find every Horror beautiful, impossibly so. I cannot understand my friends who complain about their (imaginary) imperfections because I truly believe every one of them is undeniably beautiful. When a conversation with these same friends involves people we find beautiful, I find that our views often don’t match. This itself is beautiful: how everyone’s idea of beauty is different. Surely everyone must be someone’s idea of perfection.

3 thoughts on “Beautiful subjectivity

      1. No one has ever complimented me on my… syntax before. Of course, your way is the best direction. Someone you meet slowly becomes incredibly attractive to you, because you don’t just see the wrapping and bows, you open the gift and like what’s inside too.


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