How to make people like you more: lessons in etiquette

Assuming you are a rational being, you probably don’t want to be known as an asshole. Yet it is easy to become known as one, and only slightly harder to prevent it happening. These are some little things I’ve noticed that make others feel good, make you feel good for making them feel good, and then it continues in a charmingly continuous circle of feel-good-ness.

  • RSVP to events promptly. Responding the day before saying “lol soz can’t make it!!” is annoying and will make people hate you.
  • The day after a party/social event, text the host to say thanks. It is really nice to be thanked and you’re more likely to be invited again if the host feels their invitation was appreciated.
  • Be polite to those who work in hospitality. If someone treats a waiter like shit, it is likely that they are a shitty person. It isn’t too diffficult to be nice and smile, rather than act like Satan’s ill-mannered spawn.
  • If you notice something positive about someone, tell them.
    EG1: You’re out with a friend and her hair looks good. Tell her.
    EG2: You follow someone’s blog and love it. Message them and let them know.*
    EG3: Someone you’re acquainted with is a good singer. TELL HIM.
  • Birthday texts feel so much more special than Facebook posts. It seems like you actually remembered their birthday, not just that you noticed a little notification at the side of your newsfeed. Even if you didn’t genuinely remember their birthday, the tiny amount of extra effort to text them instead (or as well) is flattering and generally well-received.
  • Put your damn dishes in the damn dishwasher. If the dishwasher is full, empty it and then put your dishes in. It takes three minutes, tops. IT’S NOT THAT HARD.

If you employ at least some of these in your life, you probably won’t be known as an asshole. Woo courtesy!

*lol swear I’m not fishing for anything here.

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