Obtaining free music in an entirely legal way

I love the internet and I love music. Being able to afford music legally is made difficult by the fact that I am a poor student, and will likely spend the next five years putting my earnings towards my education, feeding myself, and all other sundry costs incurred by being a live human. I am also plagued by a horribly acute conscience that prevents me doing things that are even slightly illegal. While I am totally against SOPA and ACTA and all that jazz, I do think you’re better off getting music legally, because I love music and don’t really want the music industry to die. If I love a band, I will buy their music and merchandise, and go to their concerts, and fangirl about them from afar.

But sometimes, yeah, you want some new music and you want it now. Instant gratification. I have a solution! It is, as the title of this post suggests, entirely free and entirely legal. This glorious site is called NoiseTrade and has made my musical life better. It’s a site dedicated to helping relatively unknown bands get some exposure. There is no obligation to, but you can leave a donation to the band, so the musicians are making money. You can also search by “for fans of” so say if you love Fleet Foxes, you can find musicians with a similar style (I recommend Sleepy Turtles). My favourite artist I’ve found there is William Fitzsimmons but really, every single one has been great. Basically you’ll find some hidden gems and maybe fall in love with a new band, whilst feeling awesome that you’re not breaking any laws. Woo integrity!

5 thoughts on “Obtaining free music in an entirely legal way

  1. Yeah, I believe that too; that you should support the artists which makes music for your benefit. If everything is downloaded from some torrent site, then yeah, the music industry, especially the more independent labels will die out. I will check the site out, ’cause it sounds pretty dang interesting, gracias!


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