On my twisted and irrevocable love for The Horrors

I first heard The Horrors when I was fourteen. A blog I followed recommended “Strange House” so I thought I’d give it a go. I hated them. “Gloves” was the only song I listened to; halfway through the first play I deleted it from iTunes.

A year later, I was clearing out old files on my computer and found that I still had “Gloves”. Thinking to myself, “surely it can’t have been as bad as I remember”, I listened again and fell in love. I got my hands on “Strange House” and devoured it. It was the best thing I’d ever heard. Around the time of my discovery, “Primary Colours” was released. I listened to “Sea Within A Sea” and hated it. I thought they’d lost everything that I had loved about them. A few weeks later, I found myself listening to it more and more. Soon after, I received “Primary Colours” as a gift and fell in love with every single track. No exceptions. I still loved “Strange House” but “Primary Colours” soon became my favourite album of all time (still is). I searched interviews with the band and watched every one, loving more than just their sound.

With the release of “Primary Colours” also came the news that The Horrors would be a part of Big Day Out 2010, so I was desperate to attend. Seeing them live that day was the best 45 minutes of my sixteen year old life. I spent the entire set staring at the stage adoringly, feeling utter bliss course through me.

The next year or so, “Primary Colours” solidified itself as my favourite album of all time. I went through stages of not listening to The Horrors, then times when I’d listen to them exclusively. Every listen reminded me of how much I love their music.

Last year, I bought “Skying” as soon as it was released. I didn’t like it. I thought it lacked the punch of the previous albums, and it didn’t have a standout song for me. Until I listened some more. It grew on me, in exactly the same way the other albums did. Again, I fell in love.

With news that The Horrors would once again be heading to my remote corner of the world through the Laneway Festival, I knew I would attend. That day was amazing. This time during their set, I sang along with every lyric, whispered fangirly facts to my friend, and imitated playing their instruments, coming in without a cue perfectly each time.

My friends don’t understand my love. Our music taste is nearly perfectly compatible, but this is one they just don’t get. I’ve accepted that. Music isn’t one size fits all. Personally though, I think The Horrors are flawless. If I could listen to only one band for the rest of my life, they would win, hands down. The fact that I can listen to their albums over and over without getting sick of them is pretty impressive for me, seeing as I get sick of things quite easily.

My Top 15 Most Played Songs

To me, they are timeless and exciting and pure brilliance. I’m aware I probably have rose-tinted glasses when it comes to them because I refuse to see any faults. But I really don’t see what’s wrong with doing that. Why should I question something that brings me so much inspiration and joy?

I don’t know why the love I have for my favourite band began with hate, and continued to do so. I’ll probably hate the next album at first listen too, and then love it to death. Even if I genuinely do hate the next album (unlikely), it doesn’t matter to me. Discovering The Horrors led me to discover other bands like The Kills, Joy Division, The Cure, and The Dead Weather. They’ve inspired me with so much already that what’s to come doesn’t really matter. My respect and devotion cannot and will not be changed easily.

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