Ridiculously easy guitar songs that don’t suck

At fourteen, I had it in my head that I was a virtuoso and able to play every instrument in the world. I got a guitar and a four chord songbook, and set about teaching myself. I didn’t get far. I learned G, Em, C and D, realised that most of the songs in the songbook weren’t very good, and I lost all enthusiasm for playing the guitar.

Four years after the purchase of my guitar, I’ve expanded my guitar skill to include A and Am7 chords. My grand total of six chords may not seem impressive but I can play a fair few songs with them. Also they are the easiest guitar chords ever. I’ve now amassed a repertoire of songs that I actually enjoy playing. Bear in mind that these are purely chords, I’m nowhere near good enough to know how to read tabs, let alone play them.

*Actually Cmaj7 but C sounds pretty much the same.
**Actually Am but Am7 is easier to play. Also the bridge is Am, C, G, D, not Em, C, G, D as the online chords say. LIARS.

7 thoughts on “Ridiculously easy guitar songs that don’t suck

  1. I also taught myself a couple of chords on the guitar, and found out I can practically play all of Taylor Swif’s songs! Don’t know if you like her or not though :)


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