Musicians you should start listening to

Hobbie Stuartyoutube channel here
The fact that he can make me listen to and actually enjoy Rihanna songs proves he is fabulous. His arrangements are beautiful and I love the way he changes songs to make them his own. He mainly covers popular songs (and generally makes them much better) but his original songs are really good too. And if you’re that way inclined, chances are you’ll like him for more than just his lovely music.

Jonathan Jonesfree & legal download here
I only discovered him fairly recently but so far, I love what I’m hearing. Being a pianist, I love when artists incorporate piano into their songs and I feel he does the piano-indie-rock thing really well. His songs are sweet and catchy; I really recommend you check him out.

Don McLean
I cannot count the number of times I’ve mentioned him and people have responded: “who?” He wrote American Pie. One of the best songs ever written. He is so underrated; his words & music are beautiful and his influence has been huge. Listen to Vincent (you probably will know it already and if not, now you do) and Castles In The Air. You won’t regret it, he is amazing.

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