A pondering on good and bad

Occasionally when life is not as cruisey as I would like it to be, I start thinking about things far too much. And for some strange reason today, I was pondering about what makes someone good or bad. Is it our thoughts or actions or something else entirely? Like, say you unintentionally find yourself in conversation with someone you find incredibly annoying. In your head you’re saying, “oh my god, please stop talking to me, this is excruciating, leave me alone”. But on the outside you smile, look at them in the eyes and reciprocate their conversational efforts. You’re polite and friendly and leave them feeling better than they did before. So have you just done something good or bad? Is it the thought that counts or the way you chose to act? Are you fake for disliking them internally but acting the opposite when you spoke? Or are you good for being kind to them when you really didn’t want to? My mind is far too full and I am perpetually puzzled.

2 thoughts on “A pondering on good and bad

  1. Maybe ‘you’ can be good while ‘the act’ is bad, and vice versa. If you paid someone a compliment, making them feel better, in order to lure them to a dark place and murder them, you’d be bad but the act (the first one) would be good. If that person was Hitler, you’d be alright on both counts!


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