Long songs of epic nature

Sometimes I get bored listening to songs that are over five minutes long. Not so with these:

  • “Seven Devils” – Florence + The Machine (5.03)
  • “Everything’s Not Lost” – Coldplay (5:28)
  • “Holocene” – Bon Iver (5:37)
  • “Bohemian Rhapsody” – Queen (5:58)*
  • “Wrong Number” – The Cure (6:02)
  • “Girls Like You” – The Naked and Famous (6:04)
  • “Burn” – The Cure (6:40)
  • “Temptation” – New Order (6:59)
  • “I Only Think Of You” – The Horrors (7:07)
  • “Ball and Biscuit” – The White Stripes (7:19)
  • “Sea Within A Sea” – The Horrors (7:59)*
  • “American Pie” – Don McLean (8:36)*
  • “I Will Possess Your Heart” – Death Cab For Cutie (8:26)
  • “The Lightning Strike” – Snow Patrol (16:18)*

*These songs also feature in my “Best Songs Ever Written” list.

3 thoughts on “Long songs of epic nature

  1. Listening to Sea Within A Sea right this very second! But I got into lots of prog bands like Yes and Rush and Jethro Tull, so I’ve got some 17-45 minute songs I’ve listened to lots of times.

    I think you would like Undertow by Warpaint. I also think you would like Epicentre by VNV Nation.


      1. Great! Glad you liked them. Check out ‘This Mess We’re In’ by PJ Harvey f. Thom Yorke, and ‘Rabbit In Your Headlights’ by U.N.C.L.E. f. Thom Yorke, and ‘I’m Not In Love’ by Crystal Castles f. Robert Smith.

        I mean, if you want to.


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