Uni does not agree with lazy procrastinators

I’ve always been someone who loves her free time. I need a lot of downtime to recover from working otherwise I quite literally go mental. Now that I’ve started uni, my free time has been bitch-slapped and replaced with a constant stream of WORK WORK WORK. A typical day for me actually looks like this:
Wake up, hit snooze, wake up properly, get ready as quickly as possible, run to bus stop, wait at bus stop for 10 minutes (because the bus is consistently late when I’m early/on time, and early whenever I’m late), lecture, lecture, lecture, food break, lecture, tutorial, run to catch bus home, work, assignments, readings, dinner, readings, collapse into dream.
The only reason I’m writing a post right now is because I am avoiding a Stats assignment involving stuff which I really should know but can’t seem to remember. Also avoiding my law readings. To any budding lawyers or law enthusiasts, here are some tips:

  • Don’t study law if you hate reading copious amounts of dry legal text
  • Don’t study law if you value your free time
  • Don’t study law if you hate being put on the spot (hooray for the socratic method!)

I never thought I’d miss school. Actually, I don’t miss school at all, but I miss the ease of it. You always knew what was going on, the work wasn’t that hard, and when you went home, you did a tiny amount of homework and then had free time to do whatever you wanted. You certainly didn’t spend Saturday calculating information about the returns on treasury bills. I’m not quite sure what the point of this is, only that I miss having unbridled free time and not feeling like every time I go online is eating away into  study time. That being said, I’m glad I’m here and I’m definitely going to continue my studies. Hopefully time will make me slightly more adept at handling my time.

(I’ve said “time” far too many times in this post. It seems uni has also stolen my eloquence. Through a quick check of the thesaurus, there are pretty much no good substitutes for it though. Example: “…i miss have unbridled free conditions and not feeling like every stage I go online is eating away into study phases.” This could probably be remedied by better sentence structure, but I’m not an English major so whatevz.)

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