Ridiculously easy ukulele songs that don’t suck

IMG_6242I know the ukulele is already one of the easiest instruments to play. But just to make it easier, here are good songs that are fun and easy to play on that four-stringed beauty:

[EDIT 13/02/2018: this post has suddenly become quite popular again! I now have a youtube channel where I play a lot of ridiculously easy ukulele songs so check that out if you need more inspiration for super easy songs to try!]

*The chord site says “A#” but it actually means “A#m” which means you actually play “Am”.
**Actually Dm9 and Bb5, but Dm and Bb are easier to play.
***You should probably transpose this into G or capo it because if you want to sing along, it’s way too high or low for my voice in C. Also there are like a million different versions of Hallelujah, find the one with the lyrics you like the best and apply the chords to that.
****No site seems to have these chords actually written down, but the pattern is purely G, Em, C, D for the entire song.

(Note: the reason I call these “easy ukulele songs” as opposed to “easy guitar songs” is that, no matter how hard I try, I cannot play F chord on guitar. These songs generally employ F, thus the reason I classify these as “easy ukulele songs”.)

8 thoughts on “Ridiculously easy ukulele songs that don’t suck

    1. i used to have trouble with F on a guitar too … i assume you are referring to open F. learn to play barre chords and your problem will go the F away ;)


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