My obsession with awards

I’ve always been someone who cares far more about the destination than the journey. I did Speech and Drama exams for 8 years, not because I loved them (I actually kind of hated them), but because I loved getting the certificates. Blogging is something new for me, in that I’m doing it purely for the experience. So I was very surprised and thrilled when the lovely Rose (butimbeautiful) nominated me for the Versatile Blogger award! I don’t even fully know what it means, but I do know that now I get to put a snazzy image on my blog’s sidebar. This very much appeals to the aforementioned desire. The rules say that I’m supposed to nominate 15 blogs for the award, but I’m contrary so here’s seven posts from blogs that I adore:

“The secret garden” – beancakes“Block Party!” yourstylejourney; “What’s happened to me?” – thetutorial; “Why Pintrest Leads to Disappointment” – kissmysass7; “Hey Girl Hey?” – eastcoastelegance; “The Self-Destructive Cycle of Wanting to be a Hipster” – wejustneversayit; “Is There Anything They Won’t Make a Film Out Of?” – edwardhotspur

Also I’m supposed to give seven facts about myself:
  • I’m terrified of ducks.
  • I pretend I’m into indie/folk/rock/alternative music only, but I have a secret love for musical theatre and country.
  • I had a diploma at 17.
  • I’m currently on study leave and should be studying for my Classics exam, but procrastination ftw.
  • At the high point of my life, I had 5 cats.
  • I was the one to tell my English teacher what an oxford comma is.
  • I have never set foot inside a gym.

11 thoughts on “My obsession with awards

  1. How could I not like this? But you’re not that contrary, because you still gave precisely seven facts about yourself. You never went to a gym… I suppose you’ve always ducked that activity, and mallard it over you. You should take a gander at my blog sometime – you seem a little down. (I know, you get down from a goose. But you shouldn’t have gotten on that goose in the first place.)


    1. maybe i’m not actually contrary, i’m just too lazy to find & link 8 more blogs. writing about myself is far easier. i can deal with all those anatidae-related words, but when faced with an actual duck i would legitimately freak out.


      1. ducklings and cartoons don’t bother me, it’s just actual full grown ducks (and i’m not fond of other waterfowl either). as a child my brothers told me that ducks were going to kill me, so i think that’s likely where it came from.


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