A fond farewell to a friend: an ode to my dead computer

We had been together since the start of 2008. You came into my life, and brought creativity and independence along with you. With you, I discovered new music, new books, new ways to express myself. In a few short months, you changed my life. I couldn’t imagine how I lived without you before. I couldn’t imagine how I could live without you.

A few years went by. I got used to your brilliance but never took you for granted. I treasured you. You were ever my faithful companion. As we got more comfortable with each other, you made it to my bed, my living room, my trips away from home. We were like Mary and her little lamb. We were one.

Mid 2011 I realized you were not as quick as you used to be. You lagged, you didn’t have space for the new ideas I was still craving. I knew our time together was drawing to a close but I couldn’t bear the thought of being without you. My heart broke when you began falling apart. But I continued hoping you would turn out okay. I cut myself on your rough edges, but still couldn’t see a life without you.

The end came when you could no longer give 100%. Well, more like you were permanently trapped at 1%. It was time.

I hope you don’t feel that I replaced you. Sure, now I have a newer model who is sleek and capable of handling whatever I throw at it. And maybe one day I’ll get used to this newer version of you and forget about you altogether. But for now, I still crave your familiarity and the memories I made with you. In your death, I will continue to respect your memory. You were the first.

One thought on “A fond farewell to a friend: an ode to my dead computer

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