Happy songs

It was recently a close friend’s birthday, and being a poor uni student I didn’t want to pay for couldn’t afford a real present. Instead, I made her a mix CD of songs that make me happy. I reckon the playlist is pretty awesome so I’m going to share it here, and I hope you find it makes you happy too!

1. 60 Seconds – The Atomic Square
2. Plans – Birds of Tokyo
3. Gold Rush – Ed Sheeran
4. Alligator – Ema and the Ghosts
5. 1234 – Feist
6. I Feel Better – Gotye
7. The Thoughts That Give Me The Creeps – Hellogoodbye
8. Teenage Dream – Hobbie Stuart
9. Coin Laundry – Lisa Mitchell
10. Feeling Good – Muse
11. Two Doors Down – Mystery Jets
12. Animal – Neon Trees
13. Here It Goes Again – Ok Go
14. Bloom – The Paper Kites
15. Lisztomania – Phoenix
16. She’s So Lovely – Scouting for Girls
17. Straight Lines – Silverchair
18. Something Good Can Work – Two Door Cinema Club
19. Wetsuit – The Vaccines
20. A Billion Tons of Light – Vega4
21. She Glows – Zed

3 thoughts on “Happy songs

    1. i only knew THE song for so long, but then with the knowledge that i was going to see him live, i thought i better check out the rest of his stuff. i actually adore him; i think he’s so interesting and different without being too inaccessible. i also recommend “eyes wide open”, “easy way out” and “hearts a mess” :)


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