Animal Tracks

A delightfully inane way to procrastinate is to make playlists with a pointless theme. This animal band themed playlist came from not studying for my psychology exam. Perfect as mood-setting music for a party thrown in honour of your dog, or for crying to while you struggle (and ultimately fail) to learn about synaptic transmission:

  1. “Generator ^ First Floor” – Freelance Whales
  2. “No One’s Gonna Love You” – Band of Horses
  3. “The Gap” – Birds of Tokyo
  4. “Nature’s Hymn” – Sleepy Turtles
  5. “Solitude is Bliss” – Tame Impala
  6. “Home and Somewhere Else” – Mimicking Birds
  7. “Two Weeks” – Grizzly Bear
  8. “Napoleon Says” – Phoenix
  9. “Crooked Lust” – Bowerbirds
  10. “Point Me At Lost Islands” – Tired Pony
  11. “I Found A Reason” – Cat Power

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