A newfound appreciation for Mumford & Sons

I’ve liked Mumford & Sons since “Little Lion Man” was first released as a single. It’s not often I find a band I truly enjoy through the radio, so I was surprised that I liked all of their songs so much. “Dust Bowl Dance” has gone on to become one of my favourite all time songs. So naturally, when I found out they were going to be playing in New Zealand, I got tickets as soon asap and was pretty excited. Upon listening to the new album, I felt more excited. As the day of the concert loomed closer, I felt myself feeling ridiculously giddy with excitement.

My friend and I got to the venue about 45 minutes before the doors opened and there was already a crazy huge line. Luckily we got into it pretty quick and ended up only five people from the front. The openers were good but to be honest, I wasn’t really focusing on them that much. I just wanted to see Mumford. I was getting super impatient; we got to the venue at about 5.45 and were still waiting for Mumford at 9. But when they finally came on, it was so worth it. They were incredible. Marcus’ voice is identical live as it is recorded, which I really admire. All the band were crazy impressive with their multiple instrument swapping, showing just how talented they are. At one point, Ben announced they were going to do some acoustic songs so everyone hushed while the band unplugged all their instruments. “Timshel” live was beautiful; their harmonies were so spot on and just perfect.

I have this rule about concerts where I take just one photo of the band playing so I have a physical memento, but then make sure to spend the rest of the concert indulging in the music. So here is Mumford & Sons’ one picture:

Yeah, obviously I am no photographer. Whatever. Concert photos are all about the memories.

Anyway, they played fantastically and really showed what talented musicians they are. The whole show was such a good vibe, with everyone dancing and singing along. As I’ve probably mentioned before, I am a terrible dancer, but in this situation it felt so right and natural to be swaying along and letting the music wash over me. In the back of my mind through the whole show was the thought that there was no way they’d play “Dust Bowl”, but then they absolutely made my night when they played it well at the end of the set.

Afterwards my friend and I hung around the exit, hoping to catch a glimpse of them. We saw Ted and Ben but felt too awkward to actually say anything. Then Winston came out and I thought I should just go for it and called out, “Your set was amazing!” He turned around to face me, smiled and said, “Thanks so much for coming!” and went on his way. That made me super excited because I’ve never spoken to any well known musicians before and even though that conversational exchange was tiny, I’m still claiming that I talked to him.

TL;DR: Mumford & Sons were amazing and they have solidified themselves as one of my favourite bands. Also Winston and I are now friends.

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