How to have a positive concert experience

I love seeing live music more than almost anything. However, concerts can totally suck if you don’t play them right. These are some things I’ve picked up from thus-far concert experiences:

  • Listen to the artist’s newest album first. It doesn’t have to be an extensive listen, just enough so that you’ll recognise the songs. The thing all my favourite concerts* have had in common is that I knew every song they played. Great musicianship is important, but knowing the songs will make it so much better.
  • Bring earplugs. It doesn’t affect the way the music sounds at all; it just takes the ‘bang’ out of it and means you won’t leave with your ears ringing. People make fun of me for wearing earplugs, but I’m the happy one at the end of the night when my ears feel fabulous and their ears hurt like a mofo.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. Concerts make me feel torn because I love live music, but I also love sitting still and not moving. The transition to standing for several hours is made easier by wearing shoes that don’t suck the life force from your soles.
  • If you want to be at the front, arrive way before gates open. Don’t be the wanker who arrives late and pushes their way to the front.
  • If you do arrive late, don’t be that pushy wanker. If you see a space open up around you, by all means, take it, but pushing through people to get closer to the stage is a douchebag move. Is it really worth being a few metres closer to the band when you know that everyone around you hates you?
  • If that pushy wanker is jostling you, stand your ground. I channel my days as a netballer playing GD and shove them right back**. If they are going to try steal your place, don’t make it comfortable for them. You earned your place in the crowd. Don’t let them take it from you.
  • Don’t take the last point too seriously. If someone has managed to squeeze in front of you and there’s nothing you can do, move on and focus on the show.
  • Take one photo of the band. JUST ONE. Concerts are an amazing experience, but you actually have to EXPERIENCE them. Take one picture so you have a physical memento and then…
  • Spend the concert actually engaging and enjoying the music.

Anything I missed? Let me know!

*In case you’re interested, my favourite concerts have been: The Horrors (both times I saw them), Mumford & Sons, Gotye and Bon Iver.
**Whoever said netball is a non-contact sport was a filthy liar.

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