So this is the new year

And this is a super cliché year in review!

  • Favourite album: a tie between The Vaccines “Come of Age” and Marina & the Diamonds “Electra Heart”.
  • Song of the year: another Marina and Vaccines tie, with “Teen Idle” and “All In White”* because the former has brilliant words and the latter introduced me to the wonder that is The Vaccines
  • Best live show: the Laneway festival was one of the greatest days of my life.
  • Favourite artist: The Horrors will eternally hold the number one spot in my heart. Runners up include The Vaccines, Marina & the Diamonds, Jonathan Jones, The Fray, Barcelona, Ed Sheeran and Birds of Tokyo.
  • Favourite book: another tie, with John Green’s “The Fault In Our Stars” and Hannah Harrington’s “Saving June”.
  • Best youtube videos: this, thisChrisKatniss, and this.
  • Strangest moment: waking up on Boxing day and finding out that my “Ridiculously easy ukulele songs that don’t suck” post had hit over 25 000 views**.
  • Other awesome moments:  the inexplicable Laneway kiss; seeing my letter in support of same-sex marriage printed in the paper; getting As in subjects I did shit-all study for; seeing my favourite actor and possibly the best looking man ever in the flesh; meeting one quarter of Mumford & Sons after their concert; getting my first proper job and actually being pretty good at it.
  • Personal thing thrown in here: starting this blog was a good thing for me, because even though it’s super under the radar, it makes me happy and I like what I’ve written here (mostly). So even though I do this for me, cheers to anyone who actually reads this. Big love from New Zealand and have a fab new year <3***

*I know it was released last year but I only heard it this year so shh, it still counts.
**fun fact: if you google “easy ukulele songs”, my post is the third result(!).
***that sounds like a farewell but it’s not, I promise. I’ll be back to my irregular posting at the end of January!

2 thoughts on “So this is the new year

  1. I found your blog through that ukulele post. I can’t really play ukulele at all but thanks to your post I can now rattle out some vaugly recognisable tunes. Happy New Year from the United Kingdom!
    PS. Totally agree with you about the Fault in Our Stars.


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