How to not suck at being an ex

Technically, I am still a teenager while also technically being an adult. I would have thought that the adult part was getting stronger everyday but clearly not in a lot of my peers. It almost hurts to look at how some people act when their relationships end*. This is my take on how to not be an asshole when your affair is over**.

  • Don’t talk to your ex at all unless it’s necessary or until you’ve been broken up long enough that all romantic feelings are long dead.
  • Harassing your ex with crude or explicit text messages is never a good idea. It’s annoying, immature and can be considered cyber-bullying, so just don’t. Write an angry letter and burn it instead.
  • Delete your ex’s number so you’re not tempted to do something stupid, like drunkenly call them to tell them you still love them/never loved them/hate them/they ruined your life/they are your life.
  • Don’t claim to still be “in love” with someone you dated six months ago for two weeks. I assure you it’s not love; it’s obsession. And it’s creepy as hell.
  • Don’t add your ex’s new partner as a Facebook friend. That’s just weird.
  • On the topic of Facebook, change your profile picture to one that doesn’t have your ex in it. Seriously, I have seen someone who just got broken up with change their display picture to one of him and his ex. No. Don’t.
  • If you see your ex, don’t act like a crazy person. If you ignore them or stay to chat for too long, it’s awkward. Acknowledge their presence and move on.
  • Moving on is the best thing you can do for yourself. Even if you’re still angry and hurt. Living well is the best revenge, and all that motivational jazz.

*I should point out that I’m not perfect either. It’s just much more fun talking about other people’s shortcomings rather than my own.
**Another thing I should point out – I’m talking about those teenage relationships that didn’t mean much and weren’t long term. Clearly this is not meant for people with more serious relationship problems.

(By the way, hey wordpress! It’s been awhile, I missed you <3)

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