My life right now

  • My second year at university starts on Monday and I’m kind of looking forward to it.
  • I’m seeing Ed Sheeran live in a week(!!!) and I’ll probably cry if he plays Wake Me Up”.
  • This morning I had $500 and now I am broke.
  • It’s almost embarrassing how much I love Pretty Little Liars.
  • An entire New Zealand summer has passed and I’ve only been sunburnt once.
  • I’ve been scrolling through the search terms people have used to find my blog and am delighted by the various spellings of ‘ukulele’*.
  • Apologies are in order for those who found me through “interesting about me section”.
  • I’m reconsidering this being an anonymous blog because seriously, anyone who actually knows me would know without a doubt that this is my work. I also take too many selfies and currently have nowhere to post them.
  • The other day I experienced my first coffee-withdrawal headache and felt ready to kill everything ever.
  • I learned how to use html code through making neopets fansites when I was eleven so every time I type <a href> I remember what a loser I was.
  • Then I remember that I spent most of high school on tumblr and that university life is only slightly more balanced, with blog sites and youtube, so really, young me was essentially the same as present-day me.
  • Yesterday I took this picture of my cat and I want you to all agree that he is beautiful:
  • Sometimes I feel my life is kind of boring but then other times I am so thankful that I can afford to watch trashy tv shows, buy overpriced coffee and take a million pictures of my cat.

*ukele, ukelele, ukuele, ukelel, ukalele, ukulel, ukulali, ukuelele, uku, ukulelel, ukeuele, uekele to mention a few.

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