Ed Sheeran was amazing

The title of this post is not really my best work, but it pretty well describes how the night was.

First opener was Gabrielle Aplin who was adorable and perfect. Sometimes with openers I want them to get on with it and leave the stage already so the main act can come on, but I was quite sad to see her leave. I’m always super impressed when musicians switch instruments in the middle of a set and are equally competent on both, so that gave her serious props in my book.

The next opener was Passenger, who I hadn’t heard of before. He was incredible. Seriously, words can’t describe how good he was. His cover of “Sounds of Silence” was so fabulous it felt spiritual, and if you like feeling good, watch this video of his song “I Hate” because it will make you smile:

I don’t even know how to describe Ed’s set. I’m not even the biggest Ed Sheeran fan – I enjoy his music but he’s not in my top ten favourite artists or anything. But his show made me appreciate him so much. His stage presence and the way he got the audience so involved with the music – it was magic. He didn’t play “Wake Me Up”, but that didn’t even bother me because the show itself was so perfect it didn’t need it. His energy throughout was absolutely fantastic. Like, so good that I think it was my favourite concert I’ve been to (and I’ve been to some pretty awesome concerts.)

After the show, my friends and I wandered the town feeling high on music. At one point, we found ourselves singing “The A Team” with a busker we just met and his broken guitar. Driving home, we sang along to “On Top of the World” and it was a perfect way to finish a perfect night perfectly.

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