How to survive school stress

I have been in educational institutions for a straight 16 years now and I’ve definitely had my fair share of crazy stress*, but I’m surviving okay! So I’m passing on my bountiful wisdom to you because I love you all and wish you serenity:

  • Have a playlist of calming songs to listen to when you’re studying/stressing out, like this one. Pretty much all the advice I give has something to do with music, but that’s because music makes literally everything better**.
  • To-do lists. I have entire notebooks dedicated to my to-do lists and I live my life through those lists.
  • Reward yourself. When studying, I read one section and then, for example, watch a few youtube videos. If you spend all your time purely studying, you will lose it.
  • If you’ve hit the study-brick-wall, just stop. You won’t take anything in at this stage and would be better off sleeping or eating.
  • Have a standing event with friends. If every week you have something to look forward to, like a lunch date or movie night, it helps keep your insanity in check. And along those lines –
  • Make Mondays enjoyable. Every Monday I buy myself a coffee from the nicer, more expensive coffee shop on campus. My caffeine addiction is so strong that the thought of it really helps get me through the morning, and the caffeine itself gets me through the rest of the day. Having something to look forward to on an otherwise crappy day makes it bearable.
  • Sleep is your friend. All nighters just make you miserable and incoherent. Try to limit them.
  • Remember: it doesn’t matter. This may seem slightly contradictory to everything ever, but it’s true. If you do badly, if you fail, if you don’t finish – the world will continue turning. If you do well, awesome! If you don’t, learn your lesson and move on to the next thing. And if you don’t learn your lesson, that’s okay too, coz you’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn it again.

*read: middle-of-the-night hysterical sobbing at assignments that refuse to complete themselves.
**seriously, name one thing that good music does not improve.

2 thoughts on “How to survive school stress

  1. Lists – I use them as well, especially to plan my week-end. I think the idea of making Mondays nice is good like this it motivates you for the rest of the week :)


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