The sun bursts, clouds break

I’ve never really talked about OneRepublic on this blog before, aside from mentioning I like some of their songs. This is an understatement.

Barring The Horrors, OneRepublic is probably the most important band to come into my life. I first heard them when I was fourteen and just beginning my musical awakening. A friend played me “Someone to Save You” and I was instantly taken with the piano, then his voice, then the melody, then the utter perfection of the lyrics.

I bought their album “Dreaming Out Loud” and thought every song was incredible. After buying sheet music for their songs, I finally learned to play songs on the piano that I actually enjoyed. “Apologize” was one of the first songs I performed in front of a crowd. “Come Home” remains one of my favourite songs to this day because of its heartbreaking simplicity and beautiful lyrics:

I get lost in the beauty of everything I see
The world ain’t half as bad as they paint it to be

If all the sons, all the daughters stopped to take it in
Well, hopefully the hate subsides and love can begin

It might start now
Or maybe I’m just dreaming out loud

OneRepublic’s lyrics are what really hooked me in. I read them all, and became more and more convinced that Ryan Tedder was a lyrical genius. When “Waking Up” was released, I loved it upon first listen. If I need a motivation boost, “Marchin On” is there for me. “All This Time” is one of the few outright love songs that makes me feel genuinely blissful. Despite going through a period of not listening to them, I was still excited when “Native” came out and instantly fell in love with “Feel Again” – when I was coming home from Ed Sheeran’s concert, my friends and I sang along to it and that feeling of elation is unlike anything I have experienced before. Currently I’m loving “Counting Stars” and “Life in Colour”, and I think it’s amazing how OneRepublic managed to stay ~modern while also keeping their sound.

I love revisiting OneRepublic’s songs because they transport me back to special times: when I first started appreciating music, my first performances, feeling inspired by Ryan Tedder’s words, remembering good times and making new memories. They’ve never toured NZ but I’m hopeful with the release of “Native” they’ll finally add us to their list. Seeing OneRepublic live would be incredible. But my ultimate dream is to talk about words with Ryan Tedder. I’ve constantly admired him for the past five years and the thought of getting inside his head would make my life.

If you’ve never listened to OneRepublic, or heard anything other than their singles, I cannot recommend them enough. Their songs have so much talent, excellent musicianship, feeling and meaning behind them – I guarantee you’ll find one you love.

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