Sort of life update

The past few months, I have had no time to keep up with my online life. I haven’t read any blogs, let alone had time to write my own posts. I am still far from “not busy” but I miss writing posts so here is a kind of life-ish update:

  • I’ve been working two jobs plus a volunteer position, as well as studying full time and trying to be more social. This means the past few months have been awesome but also that I am incredibly sleep deprived and my watch later playlist on youtube has about 80 videos on it.
  • In a week, my second year of uni will be over which feels crazy and wrong. I started this blog before I’d even begun uni, and so much has changed since then.
  • I sometimes think about my old posts and cringe about the things I complained about. I’m trying this new (for me) thing where I avoid judging people for their own personal decisions that do not affect me. I feel happier, but now I am hyper-aware of other people’s judgement, which is less fun.
  • The other week I saw Avalanche City (+ van der Wel and Luke Thompson) live and it was such an incredible and chill show.*
  • I’m finally seeing OneRepublic live in a couple of weeks and I am so excited I can’t think straight.
  • Also upcoming is Passenger (again!) and City & Colour, so the next couple of months are going to be pretty sweet.
  • In just under a month I will kiss goodbye my teenagerdom and embark on my third decade of life.
  • Next year I will be able to tick “Live in the UK for several months” off my bucket list which is so crazy that I still don’t really believe it’s going to happen.
  • It really doesn’t bother me at all that this blog is relatively quiet and unknown. I just like having somewhere to record my thoughts with the distant possibility that someone else may relate or enjoy them.

*you can download Dave Baxter’s EP “Let It Go” here and Luke Thompson’s album “To The Common Dark” here. Both are free and legal, yay!

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