The transience of university friendships

So this feels bizarre – I started this blog just before I started university and now I am exactly three weeks away from finishing my studies. I still have so much to do in that time which, in typical me fashion, is clearly why I’m writing a blog post instead of working. I’m still struggling with finding inspiration to write*, but as I walked into uni today I was thinking about the weird short-term relationships I’ve had with people since being a student. This is more for me than for anyone else, to remember the people I knew only briefly and shallowly:

  • My Classics class friend, who never seemed to do any work and streamed K-pop concerts during class instead of listening
  • The baristas from the uni coffee shop who learned my name and my coffee order, and who sometimes brought my coffee to me instead of just calling out my name and leaving it on the counter
  • The guy who told me that Psychology wasn’t a real thing and that Arts degrees were a waste of time, and then asked me out
  • Statistics tutorial friend, who once offered me a bite of his apple
  • The girl I sat next to in my Intro to Linguistics class whose name remains unknown, because by the time I realised I didn’t know what her name was, we’d been sitting together for two months and it was too awkward to ask
  • The parking warden from the student car park, who helped me navigate my car into difficult spaces and never gave me tickets even though I was parked way over time
  • Everyone from every group project I ever did – please know that I will hold everlasting resentment towards you for bringing down my average

*I made a tumblr blog that follows a lot of amateur poetry blogs in the hopes of finding inspiration there, but it seems like everybody’s poetry is about how that one guy broke their heart when they were 15, and as both someone in their twenties & someone in a long term relationship, it’s kind of a struggle to relate to that.

2 thoughts on “The transience of university friendships

  1. I’m in the same boat as you! Just about to finish my undergraduate degree in a couple of weeks … and barely made any real friends during my studies – apart from 2, one of which ended up being my boyfriend, but now we’ve broken up … :P Good luck for the rest of your semester!!


    1. I definitely relate to you, I struggled so much with making friends at university! In my second year I eventually stumbled into a good group of friends through a family friend, but then I went overseas on exchange and pretty much as soon as I got back they all graduated :P good luck to you too!

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