A proper hello!

The past few posts I’ve made have likely given the indication that I wasn’t happy with how things were going in several aspects of my life. Instead of just complaining about how I want things to be different, I’m doing my best to make an active decision to live fearlessly (thanks Eliza!).

IMG_6077 - Version 2
This is my face

When I get stressed about things, I have a habit of quitting entirely and starting again. I was very tempted to do that to this blog, but then realised that there’s a lot here that I’m proud of and starting again would be a waste of all the work I’ve put into this. So to avoid the temptation of starting again – changes are in order! Four years after the creation of this blog, I’m finally introducing myself. Hi! My name is Clemmie. I’m wanting to get more personal on this blog, so it seems logical to finally have a name and a face. I also deleted a whole bunch of embarrassing past posts, and changed my username from thepathweshare to seaalley to match my name on pretty much every other social media (10 points if you figure out the significance of the name!).

I’m going to do my absolute best to keep posting regularly. I do best when I have something to work towards and seeing my work physically pay off, so I’m channelling all my feelings of uselessness into making this blog something I’m proud of.

Nice to properly meet you, finally!

I like what you say

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