Studying in the UK (February)

(January post here!)

February in England was decidedly more noteworthy. Finally being settled in life in London (well, technically Egham), I started venturing out more and exploring more of the world that was suddenly so much closer to me.

Early February, some friends and I saw Phoenix performing at the 02 in Brixton. Tickets were SO cheap – in NZ, I’m used to paying upwards of $70 for a concert – this cost around £20. We were super early lining up so we befriended the people in line with us, and ended up being second from the front. It was incredible. Their music is so much more powerful live than it is recorded, and it was one of those shows where you don’t care about anything other than feeling the music wash over you. I’m absolutely not a dancer, so if a band can make me dance, I’m pretty impressed.

Phoenix concert!

About a week later, I went to the Harry Potter studio tour. As a massive Harry Potter fangirl, this was my idea of paradise. I’m pretty sure I cried several times throughout the tour, so strong is my fangirlism. I also had the pleasure of meeting Trevor the toad, one of the owls who played Hedwig, and the daughter of the snake who played Nagini.

I found myself strangely drawn to this wall in Glawgow

The following week, I also visited Platform 9 3/4 and concluded my HP fangirling for the month. I gave myself no time to breathe, and the next day went off to visit a friend who lived in Glasgow. She showed me the delights of Irn Bru, as well as the beauty of Scotland. It’d be easy to remember it as a lovely weekend away (which it was), but in reality it also involved a 10 hour bus ride there and back (only £10!), both journeys in which I worked on a hasty report for my psychology class about how optical illusions work. I almost missed the train to the bus station in the first place (luckily it was 2 minutes late!), and nearly caught the wrong train on my way back home. Travelling alone and on the cheap is a great experience and I’m glad I did it, but I swore that I would never do a bus ride longer than 4 hours after that. Which of course I did not stick to at all, because I am easily persuaded. But that’s a story for April!

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