Studying in the UK (May & June)

(January, FebruaryMarch, and April! I feel like this travel reflection is going to get boring if I drag it out any longer, so I’m going to combine my final two months in this post.)

After my Fritaly trip, it was straight into exams which I managed to get through without too much drama-llama. Throughout exam time, I managed to fit in going to X-Men premiere (we met no one, but James McAvoy did wave at us from his car) as well as meeting my favourite band of all time ever. After exams, my friends and I went to Liverpool and we saw a Beatles tribute band at the Cavern Club who dedicated “Another Girl” to us due to our exuberant dancing.

June was tinged with a bittersweet feeling. Leaving England in the summer was tough, because everything was beautiful and felt like the country was convincing me to stay. Even though I was heartbroken to be leaving, it was more to do with the people I met, terrified we’d lose touch and they’d become characters in the stories of my time abroad. Before I got on my first plane home (3 planes to get to NZ!), I remember telling my friend Erin “Come visit me!” and driving away, trying not to cry too much.

It’s about a year and a half since my time overseas, and I’m stoked to say that the people I met there are still absolutely among my closest friends (and Erin did come visit me!). If you ever have the chance to study abroad or live overseas or do something similar, I cannot recommend it enough. Living at a university meant I was surrounded by people my age and living in another country where I initially knew no one made me realise that I’m not useless or incompetent – I can take care of myself without the support of networks forged from home histories. I’m especially thankful I had this experience before getting together with my boyfriend, so I had the chance to have my own adventures first. All those cheesy things people say about travel are true – you come back changed, and you come back better, and if you did it right, you’ll come back with friendships that’ll last forever.

IMG_3194 - Version 2
My beloved second home

*that’s it for reflecting on past travels, I hope it was somewhat interesting!

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