Badass musical women

For most of my life, I’ve had a bad habit of preferring male musicians/vocalists over women. I justified it to myself when I was younger (“I just prefer guys’ voices!”) but have since come to realise that the actual reason was pure internalised misogyny. I thought men singing about love was sweet and romantic, and women singing about love was desperate and pathetic. Since I first started learning about feminism a few years ago, I’ve been doing my best to unlearn these (and other!) internalised prejudices. I’m now actively trying to find more female artists I like to broaden my music mind, stop myself from being judgey, and to support the badass women in the music industry. These are some of my current favourite female vocalists, you should check them out because they absolutely deserve it:

If you have any recommendations, I absolutely want to hear them – hit me up!

2 thoughts on “Badass musical women

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