I don’t know about you, but…

… I’m feeling like referencing an already over-referenced Taylor Swift song because it’s undeniably catchy and appropriate because I am now officially feeling 22! I thought it’d be nice to make a list of 22 11 things (22 is a surprisingly big number wow) because I’m a sucker for lists:

NZ Thanksgiving (with all the good intentions of and minus all the negative actual associations of US Thanksgiving)
  1. I have my birthday off work so I can spend the day indulging in glorious nothing.
  2. Next week I conclude 4 tortuous & amazing years and officially graduate from university.
  3. My friend Erin visited me last weekend and, because she’s from the States, we did our own NZ Thanksgiving dinner which was lovely and bizarre (pumpkin in a pie? calling kumara ‘sweet potatoes’ and then putting sugar on them? biscuits that aren’t synonymous with cookies??).
  4. The other super best friend I made while studying abroad is coming to visit NZ next year and I am so excited for us to all be reunited.
  5. Another friend of mine (who I went to Laneway 2012 with) bought me The Horrors’ album Skying on vinyl for my birthday.
  6. I’m still friends with the same group of people I hung out with when I was 14.
  7. My parents don’t charge me board for living at home (yet).
  8. My boyfriend sees me cry about ridiculous things at least once a day and still seems to like me (I relate to this post far too well)
  9. He also got a free Lightbox subscription which means now I can finally watch Buffy.
  10. We bought our plane tickets to Canada so now I am ready to let myself be excited about my new adventure.
  11. I’m finally feeling excited and inspired about writing again.

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