How I’m going to win this year (hopefully)

When I was younger I used to make a list of goals & resolutions annually, reviewing how well I did on the past years’ and coming up with new ones. I didn’t do that last year, and while I’m sure that’s not the reason 2015 wasn’t exactly my favourite, I’m taking no chances. This is a list of things that I’m hoping to incorporate into my life in 2016, and hopefully it’ll be a better year for it:

  • This picture is irrelevant but it's pretty and I'm pretending the path is intentionally symbolic instead of coincidence.Stop getting so angry at people going 5km under the speed limit, especially when I’m in no hurry.
  • Stop feeling so personally offended when people overtake me while I’m going the speed limit.
  • Basically just chill out when it comes to driving.
  • Finish a creative piece of writing – be it a song, a story, a poem. Blog posts don’t count.
  • Take a photo everyday, even if it’s just a selfy or a blurry shot of the bedsheets. I want this to be an offline challenge and so far the best app I’ve found for it is Photo365 – if you have any suggestions of free apps that are better, let me know before my 14 day free trial runs out!
  • Spend more money supporting other people’s creative pursuits – buy more concert tickets, books, zines, whatever. That way, I get exposed to new experiences and ideas, and the creator gets help to sustain their dream – win win.
  • Finally start doing music things with my boyfriend (whose name is Lox and that’s how I’ll refer to him from now on – I feel like a 12 year old constantly referring to him as “my boyfriend”).
  • Keep up my Italian with duolingo (and any other language learning tools I discover).
  • Actually do some regular exercise, and stop pretending that walking down to the supermarket to buy ice cream counts.
  • Be entirely present while I’m in Canada, but don’t forget about the people who are still at home.

Let’s hope 2016 is kinder to everyone, whether or not 2015 tested your limits. If you have any resolutions, or opinions on the pointlessness of resolutions, I’d love to hear them!

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