Feeling stuck

I’m again feeling like I’m in a weird, in-between state.

I have about a month left until I leave NZ for a year, and it can’t come soon enough. As much as I love it here, I desperately need to get out of town for a while. A change of scenery is exactly what I need to feel refreshed and like 2016 has actually started. Right now I still feel very stalled and stuck, and my beautiful city is currently serving as a reminder that nothing yet has changed.

Seeing as I have an abundance of free time, I imagined I would spend these last few weeks throwing myself into my creative pursuits. But having free time has also come with an extreme lack of motivation. I know I could do something tomorrow instead, so I keep delaying, day after day after day. On top of this, I actually have so many ideas of what I want to write about, but I’m having trouble turning those ideas into something worth reading.

On the plus side, I have thus far stuck to most of my resolutions, and I’m loving the challenge of taking a photo every day. Photography is actually one thing I’m feeling tons of motivation for and really enjoying. The cynical side of me is saying that it’s just because it’s summer now so everything looks beautiful. The hopeful side of me is whispering that maybe this might be something I’m good at.

My hope is that, when the deadline of leaving turns into days rather than weeks, I’ll be hit with that motivation that only time pressure seems to give me, and be bursting with desire to do things. Til then, I’ll keep taking a photo a day and refrain from yelling at cars who don’t indicate off at roundabouts.

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