A Big Jet Plane (to Canada!)

IMG_7245I am, once more, beginning a new journey overseas. In 2014, it was England; and now in 2016 I am starting a year-long working holiday in Canada. Considering I am now in a new country with an entirely new path ahead of me, I figured it’d be good to write about stuff that’s happened so far and where I’m currently at:

  • Lox & I left NZ Sunday afternoon, and because of the glory of time travel zones, we arrived in Vancouver at midday on Sunday.
  • For our first few nights we’ve been staying with someone we met from couchsurfing. When we arrived he was busy so told us to head to his girlfriend’s place and she’d give us a spare set of keys. A few minutes after leaving her place, she ran after us (a good three blocks away) so that she could offer us a ride to his place. And apologised for not offering sooner. The stereotype of friendly Canadians seems to have more than a grain of truth to it.
  • Lovely Canadians have been everywhere – our host is lovely, the person who set up our bank accounts was lovely, every food/restaurant worker has been lovely, even the government officials issuing us important documents were lovely.
  • Tipping culture is so insanely foreign to me that dining out feels much more stressful than I’m used to. (Do you tip everyone or just in certain situations? How much is a reasonable tip? Is it just so North American teachers have a reason to teach students how to calculate percentages?)
  • For the first time in my life, I saw a raccoon, just hanging out in a tree in broad daylight. I squealed excitedly like the uncultured swine I am.
  • I also got far too excited when I later saw a squirrel.
  • I have no plans to start shaving again. I made it through an entire NZ summer without shaving my legs once – while I was sometimes hyperaware of myself, overall I mostly forgot that I was rocking natural mohair tights. Now I’m at the point where shaving seems like a foreign concept to me entirely. Yay for being brave!
  • I experienced my first Canadian espresso coffee and it was actually okay.
  • My cat wasn’t around when we left for the airport, so I couldn’t say goodbye to him properly, and I’m still far too sad about it.
  • Despite missing him, I am mostly filled with excitement and anticipation for what the coming year is going to bring to me. I’m hopeful that when we return to NZ, I’ll be a little clearer on whatever my future will look like, and a little less perpetually puzzled.

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