Bonnaroo mixtape – musical recommendation + free download!

I used to sing the praises of free music site Noisetrade (here I wrote a more in-depth account of what Noisetrade is) all the time on this blog, but with the advent & ease of Spotify, I stopped using it as often to find new bands. But when I saw today’s email advertising a mixtape with artists from Bonnaroo I figured it was worth checking out.

I was totally right to check it out, because it is a quality mixtape. I was stoked to see the inclusion of “Leather Jacket” by Arkells (favourite line: “you call me up from a payphone, and I said who the fuck uses a payphone”), plus it also includes wicked songs from Boy & Bear, Civil Twilight, Twin Peaks, Beach Fossils, and loads more that I haven’t had the chance to listen to yet. If you’re into indie music (and getting it free & legally!), download it here.

As always, I’m totally into getting music recommendations, so let me know if there’s anyone I should be listening to!

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