Everything’s not lost

I’ve always been good at dwelling on the bad – and I feel like there’s so much bad going on in the world right now – but whenever I feel like this, I try to make lists of all the good in my life so that I can remember that everything’s not lost:

  • I somehow ended up in a really great workplace so even though I hate waking up at 6.45am, I don’t hate going to work
  • My favourite part about commuting is that on the outside I look like a young professional so no one can tell that I’m secretly listening to Cute Is What We Aim For
  • I have unreasonably generous co-workers who are constantly bringing treats to the office and giving me food to take home
  • My parents are coincidentally in Canada so I’ve been able to see them for the first time in three months
  • Dad saved leftovers from our dinner out and gave them to a homeless woman and I’ve never seen someone look so surprised and grateful
  • Next week I’m going to Vegas with my parents (!!) and we’ve got tickets to see Britney Spears and I’m probably going to cry (fun fact: Britney’s “Oops!… I Did It Again” album was the first cassette tape I ever bought. Not CD. Cassette tape.)
  • I get to wake up next to my favourite person every day
  • Lox and I are now living as “casual vegetarians” which means that we’ve mostly cut meat from our diet (but we don’t feel guilty if we don’t stick to it too closely) and we’re eating so well that I don’t feel like I’m missing anything
  • We found a brand of fakon that tastes 90% like real bacon and I’m thoroughly impressed with it (Yves Veggie Bacon Strips , if you’re wondering)
  • For the first time in my life, I’m completely responsible for myself – my rent, my food, my everything – and I’m loving it
  • So far I’ve only forgotten to take a picture for my photo-a-day challenge 3 times, which, over the course of half a year, is pretty impressive
  • Somehow this quick picture I took of the cherry blossoms in Vancouver ended up getting over 3000 notes on tumblr:

  • I am safe, generally healthy, mostly happy. I can’t ask for much more than that.

5 thoughts on “Everything’s not lost

  1. I love your blog and I’m so happy to see you’re doing well. If you need/want any advice on vegetarianism, as former president of RHUL Vegsoc I’m happy to help! Going meat free is great for your health and there are so many fantastic meat substitutes out there these days :)

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  2. I think a positive attitude/positive thinking is really just a skill like any other, it gets easier the more you practice it, so good job for getting started! :)

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