June ’16 Favourites!

MUSIC: This month The Kills released ‘Ash & Ice’, their first album in 5 years. On first listen I thought it was okay, but with every listen I’m growing to love it just as much as their previous albums. But from the very first listen, I fell in love with the track “That Love”. I had to stop everything I was doing to just sit and absorb the song. I’ve always had a thing for simple, stripped back songs, and the music in “That Love” really lets the emotion show in Alison’s voice. I really struggled to find a decent version of it on YouTube, so if you want the feel the song properly (for free), listen to the Spotify version.

TRAVEL: I spent a week in Vegas and it was so very strange and wonderful. I already wrote a post about it so I won’t repeat myself, but it would feel wrong to leave it out. I also just had carry-on luggage, in an attempt to reach my goal of living a minimalist lifestyle. I’m too much of a sentimental hoarder for that to ever happen, but it’s nice to pretend, even for a week. I’m considering writing a packing post (I also spent a month travelling Europe with just a carry-on), so maybe expect that sometime in the next couple of months.

FOOD: This month I took the proper plunge and became a fully fledged vegetarian. It’s only been 3 weeks since I had meat (and I can’t promise I’ll ever be able to turn down bacon), but so far it’s going really well. On the recommendation of our vegan housemate, Lox and I recently tried ‘Meet’, the most glorious restaurant ever. It serves “vegan comfort food” which sounds like an oxymoron but was ridiculously delicious. I’ve got nothing against veganism, but as someone who’s spent most of her life on a typical kiwi diet, it has never held much appeal to me. It was really cool to get food that was not only incredible (and well-priced!), but also showed that vegan food =/= lettuce leaves. I swear you could give a kiwi bloke one of their burgers and he would have no clue it wasn’t real meat. Regardless of your diet, you should totally try it out if you’re ever in Vancouver because you will not be disappointed.

APP: I jumped on the bandwagon and got myself a FitBit. I am decidedly unathletic, but I really like having concrete goals to work towards. So far the only health goals I achieve regularly are my stairs climbed (bless you, hilly Vancouver!) and water, but I love being able to track my sleep and see how far I walk on a typical day. I figure anything that encourages you to be more active is a good thing, especially as I have a tendency to avoid moving unless absolutely necessary. This week Lox and I are planning on tackling Grouse Mountain, and I’m hoping it’ll make climbing 2830 steps a little easier to cope with.

June, thank you for being a beautiful month – here’s hoping the trend continues with July!

2 thoughts on “June ’16 Favourites!

  1. Congrats on going full vegetarian, Clemmie! Another place you really should try is Loving Hut – I just googled it and there is one in Vancouver. Enjoy the veg life!


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