July ’16 Favourites

July was a weird mix of awesome and difficult. I didn’t feel terribly excited at the thought of making a list of favourites, so I thought I’d mix it up and make a collage of what July 2016 looked like for me:


I saw a cat for the first time in four months (1) – for a deprived cat lady, it was a truly beautiful moment. I also said goodbye to my own cat (middle picture) and my grandmother, which would’ve been hard regardless but was made exponentially more difficult by being half a world away.

But there were lots of really great things about this month. As well as conquering the Grouse Grind (2), I finally got around to seeing the aquarium at Stanley Park (4: I fell in love with the jellyfish) and checking out Capilano Suspension Bridge Park (6). I’d heard that Capilano was way overrated, but Pinterest pictures like this piqued my interest, and I wanted to decide for myself. It turned out to be very crowded but very beautiful, so if you’re visiting Vancouver, don’t listen to the haters – Capilano is totally worth the money. (Incidentally, here is my Canada board if you need any more romanticised Canadian travel inspiration.)

As this is a favourites post, I wanted to include the picture I took that made me miss the train (3), possibly the only picture of my bare face that I’ve willingly shared to social media (7), and how having a giant tree in my way only highlighted how incredible fireworks are (8). And as for the final picture – I’m a Wellingtonian coffee-snob through and through BUT Starbucks is close to my work, so I go there every so often. Baristas have long struggled with my name (I have an entire album dedicated to glorious misspellings), so I was ridiculously flattered when my barista didn’t bother with figuring it out and wrote this instead. Bless you, kind barista – you made my day, and I’m still smiling a week later.

When this year started, I made it a goal to take a photo everyday, partly to act as a kind of diary and partly so I could improve my skills. I’ve mostly stuck to that goal (I’ve missed about 5 days throughout the whole year) and it’s been a really great way of making sure I find something memorable about each day. It has also meant that I’m forced to remember that good and bad can co-occur and that being sad doesn’t have to mean that my worldview is entirely in grayscale. Even when life is unrelenting, there are still cats to pet, mountains to climb, and flowers to be photographed.

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