Little things

I had a couple of very frustrating things happen this week – ultimately unimportant and inconsequential, but frustrating nonetheless – and I don’t want to let that taint my memory of the past 7 days, so here is a list of little things that were actually really great this week:

  • Canada’s public holidays are spread out so that there is essentially one every month – I haven’t even been at my job for a full three months, but there have been three public holidays since I started – so on Monday I slept in and had brunch with my housemates.
  • I got some really lovely comments about my newest cover.
  • On Wednesday Lox and I had dinner at Dark Table, a restaurant that is entirely pitch black; not a glimmer of light anywhere. Eating when you can’t see anything started off being incredibly stressful but I eventually relaxed into it. There was nothing else to focus on but the food, so the tastes felt much more intense (though it was a bit of a surprise when I realised I had finished my meal and was futilely stabbing my fork into empty plate).
  • A few days ago I bought a new notebook to inspire me to write more creative pieces, and I’ve actually made a start on coming up with some ideas that I’m really excited about.
  • I stumbled upon Wildlife Aid, the most beautiful Youtube channel ever, and spent Friday night happy-crying and in awe of this wonderful human saving the lives of animals:
  • Lox often works late, so I’ve been binge-watching Gilmore Girls on nights where I’m alone. Somehow I missed watching this show when it actually aired, so I haven’t seen it before. I get really anxious and involved in stories, so Gilmore Girls has been quite calming to watch as it has such low-levels of drama (probably an odd thing to praise in a show). In weeks like this where I have my own dramas going on, watching this show definitely didn’t add to my stress and made me feel much more relaxed.
  • I got to FaceTime with my mum, brother, and cat, and I’m positive they all still love me and miss me.
  • The train station by work is a Pokemon hotbed and this week I caught enough Eevee to get my first Vaporeon (called Ariel, because obviously).
  • On Saturday I went to Lynn Canyon Park and recreated the Pinterest picture that made me fall in love with Vancouver:


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  • I could only think of a couple of happy little things when I decided to write this list, so I’m thankful that more moments sprung to mind while writing. My happy lists hold a lot of little memories I probably wouldn’t remember otherwise and I’m going to endeavour to write them more often, so I don’t let my happy fade away.

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    1. That was the super great thing about it – the servers were all blind or visually impaired, so the fact that the restaurant was totally dark didn’t affect their ability to do their job at all! We ordered outside in the light and then were led into the restaurant by putting our hands on our server’s shoulders. They would ask who ordered what so they gave the right person the right meal and when they took our plates away, they asked us to put our cutlery in the middle of the plate so it was easy for them to collect everything. It was very strange but a really cool experience!


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