Musical Spotlight: Andrew Belle

I first discovered Andrew Belle in mid-2012 when my friend Chloe recommended I listen to “In Your Veins”. I fell in love with his chilled out vibes and sincere lyrics, and sought out more of his music. “Don’t Blame Yourself” quickly became one of my favourite songs and I would constantly jam to “Wants What It Wants”. But time went on and my tastes broadened and his music got lost amongst the 7000-odd songs in my library. The other day, “Pieces” came up on my Spotify discover playlist and I remember just how much I loved his music (so much so that it spurred me to record a cover of that song for my youtube channel!). I looked him up and was stoked to find out that he’s still making music – his new single came out a few weeks ago and he’s got a new album in the works. He’s a wicked musician whose music is both calming and exciting, and I’m fairly certain he has a song to cover every emotion you’re ever felt.


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