Vancouver living

I’ve been in Vancouver for half a year now, which means my working holiday is halfway over, and that there are only six months left until I head home. This post is kind of a little life update, as well as some of the things I’m feeling about this strange and beautiful city:

  • October is my last month in Vancouver, after which Lox and I will head off into the great unknown (which means travel around the country, take pretty pictures of the Canadian landscape, and hopefully find work in a mountain town).
  • This also means that I have just over 2 weeks left at my current job, which is conflicting because I really like my work and my coworkers, but simultaneously I’m so excited to take time off from having responsibilities and to spend all my time exploring this country with my love.
  • I made a reservation at the Catfe (exactly what it sounds like) and even though it’s not for three weeks yet, I am so pumped.
  • Over the weekend I went to the Whitecaps v Colorado game, and despite the fact I’m not into sports and know next-to-nothing about soccer, it was actually really fun (I particularly enjoyed how, in true Canadian style, the commentator thanked the crowd for cheering, and in return the crowd yelled back “you’re welcome!”).
  • I was super excited about having access to makeup brands that we don’t get in NZ, but I’m scared of falling in love with a product I can’t easily get back home, so I haven’t bought any ~fancy makeup since arriving here.
  • It’s only just turned Autumn, but it is already getting really cold, and I’m just realising that I mainly packed summer clothes and my winter wardrobe is woefully inadequate.
  • The leaves changing colour gets me way too excited – I didn’t realise just how much of NZ foliage is evergreen.
  • Vancouver is both weird and wonderful, and it’s strange thinking it won’t be my home for much longer.


#nofilter because Vancouver doesn't need one ⚓️

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