The Best Espresso Coffee in Vancouver

I’m a coffee snob. I didn’t realise this until my exchange in England where my friends had the pleasure of listening to me complain about the coffee everywhere we went. Granted, I am from Wellington, which pretty much has the best coffee in the world (CNN said so, so it must be true), so I’m used to quite a high calibre of caffeine. I was apprehensive about the coffee situation upon moving to Canada and did a lot of research into where to find the best espresso. These have been my favourites, so, fellow coffee snobs: please use this list if you’re in Vancouver with a desperate caffeine craving.


PUREBREAD (first picture)

Purebread is the first cafe I fell in love with in Vancouver. I stumbled into it one day in a hungry haze and haven’t looked back. The latte art isn’t always on point but the taste is always perfect (plus they do a mean flat white – pretty much unheard of in this part of the world).

PRADO (middle picture)

I may be a coffee snob but – don’t judge me! – I also have a sweet tooth and often have sugar in my coffee, so to me, the mark of a great coffee is when I don’t need sugar. This is true for Prado coffee. The blend is perfect and the latte art is the most consistent of anywhere I’ve been. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.

OUR TOWN (last picture)

Our Town was a late discovery for me. Early October Lox and I were desperate for coffee, came across Our Town and decided to give it a try. As the season called for it, I got a pumpkin pie latte which was unreasonably delicious (and the standard latte Lox got was also amazing). The service is lovely and there are plenty of vegan milk + food choices if you’re that way inclined.

Tartine gets an honourable mention (try the mini egg sandwich while you’re there!) and Molli (also good for an awesome Mexican-inspired lunch). If you have any recommendations for the rest of Canada or anything you think I missed in Vancouver, let me know!

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