Road tripping around Canada: First snow!

After leaving Campbell River, we headed to Agassiz, BC, where our old flatmate from Vancouver had organised a working weekend at his family’s farm. It was really great to see our old flatmates again – even though it had only been about 2 weeks since we left – and surprisingly fun helping out with a bit of home DIY. After a day of working, we spent the night hanging out by a campfire cooking s’mores, playing guitar, and singing Queen songs (fact: singing Bohemian Rhapsody is a guaranteed way to have a good time). It felt like a clichéd scene from a YA novel and it was beautiful.

We left Agassiz for Kelowna, which marked the start of real winter. On the drive there, it started snowing which was both super exciting (as we’re not used to snowfall) and a little terrifying (as we’re not used to snowfall). We didn’t do a whole lot there, but we did hike the Myra Canyon Trestles – the remnants of an old railway service. If you’re ever in Kelowna, I recommend the hike – you can make it as long or as short as you want & you get to see some really cool old structures, plus you get a wicked view of the city below.

From there, we went to Banff, and I immediately fell in love. The town is tiny and adorable, with mountains flanking every side of it. It was so picturesque; it looked exactly like a postcard.

We didn’t just go to Banff because it’s adorable – the plan was to finally hit the slopes. I’ve been skiing since I was a kid (bonuses of having parents who love snow sports), but Lox had never even been up a mountain before. He was super keen to change this and try his hand (feet?) at snowboarding. Sunshine Village had just opened for the season, so we rented some gear, bought some cheap ski pants, and spent two days on this beautiful mountain:

While I am not sporty, I love skiing. I love that I have this ridiculous skill that is almost never useful and I love the feeling of rushing down the hill and I especially love that no one looks good while skiing. Sure, their technique might be good, but in an attractiveness-sense, skiing is not pretty. Your hair is tightly tucked into a helmet, makeup is far too much effort, walking with ski boots gives you a ridiculous half-swagger, half-waddle, you’re wearing bulky clothing that is almost never flattering, and you probably don’t match either because ski gear is expensive and as if you’re wasting your money on stylish ski pants. I love skiing because there is no pressure to look good. I don’t have to focus on anything but the sport itself. Bless you, creators of ski fashion, for freeing me of self-consciousness.

I had a wicked time there & Lox managed to survive his first snowboarding experience (minus a few bruises). We left Banff a few days ago – I’m a little behind on writing about everything, but I am posting most of my journey on my instagram (@seaalley) plus Lox is also making fairly regular videos on his youtube channel if you want to be more up to date with everything we’re up to!

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