Road trip tunes

As has been the subject of my last few posts, I am currently road tripping across Canada with my boyfriend in our minivan, Cindy Lou (full name “Cindy Lou Beluga Whale” – our van is big and white and reminded me of a beluga whale, and Lox thought “Cindy Lou” fitted well with that). While Cindy is a pretty great vehicle, she is old so doesn’t have space for an audio cable. Luckily, she does have a CD player, so we bought some blank CDs from Walmart (they were surprisingly difficult to find) and made some mix tapes for our journey. It helped me remember some songs that I’d forgotten about (lately my iTunes library has been neglected in favour of Spotify), so I wanted to share some of my favourite re-discoveries for belting out along the road:

(We’re also listening to the Hamilton soundtrack at least once every day, but it’s a new discovery so it doesn’t count).

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