Road tripping around Canada: The Maritimes

After spending over a week in beautiful Quebec, Lox and I headed to New Brunswick. We didn’t have much interest in it, but we wanted to get to Prince Edward Island and to get there, we needed to cross the sparsely populated NB. We only had a couple of days there which we spent chilling out in our Airbnb – the most beautiful old farmhouse with a cat that I fell in love with far too hard.

After chilling out in NB, we headed to Charlottetown in Prince Edward Island. PEI was similar to Tofino, in that I assume it’s glorious in the summer but kind of irrelevant during the rest of the year. There were some fantastic coffee shops and the farmers market was very cool, but so much of what could have been on offer was closed. Canada has this weird thing where during “winter” – really from October to April – everything shuts down. I was pretty disappointed the Anne of Green Gables house was closed – we drove to see it anyway, thinking we could just take a look around the outside, but no such luck – there were NO TRESPASSING signs everywhere so we really didn’t want to risk it. PEI was very pretty, but I can’t say I’d recommend it to anyone or want to visit it again.

We hadn’t originally even planned to visit Nova Scotia – I may have forgotten that it existed – but our hosts in PEI asked if we were headed there, so we decided we may as well knock out all of the Maritimes. Halifax surprised me – I wasn’t expecting much but it’s actually a really beautiful city. We were treated to stunning weather and it was actually pleasant to be outside for a change, so we spent our time wandering the city. The Halifax Harbourwalk was especially beautiful and made me forget that it was still winter.

Hitting the east coast means that we are officially halfway through our road trip, and only a couple months away from heading back to NZ. Now we’re slowly headed all the way back to Vancouver, hopefully stopping at some new sites – and stopping again at places we loved! – along the way.

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