Road tripping around Canada: Quebec City

As you probably know, Lox and I are now road tripping back west, so we’re going to end up at some of the places we’ve already visited again. First on the list of repeats was Quebec City.

Old Quebec ✨💛✨ #explorecanada #explorequebec #quebeccity

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I liked Quebec City the first time we visited, but the second time around I was really struck by what an amazing place it is. It’s old, so much older than a lot of cities in Canada. The architecture is stunning and feels just like being in Europe. Despite all the hills, the cool parts of town are all close to each other so it’s a very walkable city. While wandering, we stumbled into the Marché du Vieux-Port which was gorgeous – there’s something about fairy lights that will make me fall in love with anything.


Like Montreal, Quebec City has some of the best food I’ve had in Canada. Paillard was a beautiful boulangerie that’s perfect for lunch, Poutineville is now tied with La Banquise for my favourite poutine (pro-tip: get the smashed potatoes instead of regular fries), Casse-crêpe Breton has delicious crepes (sweet & savoury), and we found actually good expresso from Café Maelstrøm.

Quebec City is home to the Musée de la civilisation, which we got a chance to visit this time around. Pretty much every exhibit was interactive, making it much more fun than just walking around and reading information plaques. In a beautiful stroke of luck, there was an exhibit on cats & dogs, complete with features such as cat & dog themed Guess Who and an obstacle course to determine if you were faster than a dog (we were not). There was another exhibit about illusions, where you did a variety of tasks utilising different senses. It was also my first time experiencing virtual reality – one exhibit called “The Library at Night” used VR goggles and transported you to 10 different libraries around the world. It was very cool but also slightly terrifying, as it made me realise that the future of horror movies is totally going to involve being attacked in VR.

Quebec City is going down as another one of my favourite places in Canada, and Quebec itself is probably my favourite province in this beautiful and strange country. Tomorrow we leave Quebec City for Ottawa (another repeat) and I feel really happy with how we spent our time here.

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