Musical Spotlight: Québécois Pop

While Lox and I were driving through Quebec, we wanted to listen to music but didn’t feel like listening to our mixtapes or to Hamilton for the 784th time. We switched on the radio and I promptly discovered my new musical obsession: Québécois pop. Listening to songs in a language I don’t speak is glorious because it suppresses the snarky side of me that likes to make fun of lyrics. It also means I can’t sing along, so I’m forced to actually listen to the song. And damn, Quebec, your local artists are fantastic – the instrumentation of the songs is wicked and keeps me interested despite the fact I have no idea what it’s about. Here are my favourite discoveries so far:

I couldn’t find all my favourites on Youtube (French music is surprisingly difficult to find there!) so definitely check out my Spotify playlist that has all of the ones I love!

Note: I’m classifying these artists as pop coz they were on the same radio stations that were also playing English Top 40 songs. I also don’t actually know if all the artists on the Spotify playlist are from Quebec as now Spotify is recommending so much French music to me. Apologies if I’ve mistakenly called someone Canadian when they aren’t (although is anyone actually ever offended by that?).

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