Scattered thoughts

I am just about to take a much needed break, so naturally my head is racing with thoughts. I’m getting them all out here, in an attempt to quiet my busy brain:

  • Preparing to go on holiday is stressful when you’re the one responsible for planning everything. I keep having these terrible thoughts like “what if I got the date wrong and we’ve actually missed our flights?” and “what if the hotel isn’t actually booked?” which I know is ridiculous, but I don’t think I’ll stop worrying about that until we’ve actually landed & checked in.
  • Preparing to go on holiday also means that at work, I had to put an “out of office” on and delegate all of my jobs to my coworkers. It was a strange feeling, that me being away for a bit actually affects other people.
  • I’ve just finished watching the second season of “A Series of Unfortunate Events” on Netflix and I am blown away by it. It was my favourite book series growing up – I credit it with sparking my love of reading and why I knew so many idioms at a young age. The TV series looks exactly as I pictured everything when I first read the books (around 15 years ago, which is absolutely wild to think) and every casting choice is perfect. I could not be more impressed.
  • On the note of Netflix originals, I also recently watched “Alex Strangelove” and was kind of disappointed with it. It would have been great if not for (*spoilers!*) all of the alluding towards bisexuality and then u-turning on that. It felt like the writers figured it was the only way to make Alex & his girlfriend not work out but to still give them a happy ending. I kind of wish they just left out the ~realisations~ that he might be bi, because I was expecting a very different story to the one that was actually told.
  • I visited my cat (and therefore also my parents) the other day, but he wouldn’t hang out with me because he was too busy hissing at the neighbour’s cat. Of course, the second I was about to leave, he came running towards me & leapt into my arms. I tried to be annoyed with him but I just couldn’t.
  • Tom delaying me leaving also meant that I got to see the sky look particularly beautiful, so I especially can’t be mad at him:

6 thoughts on “Scattered thoughts

      1. Happy to report everything worked out and none of my anxieties eventuated! Although for some reason we were booked under our middle names, so at first it seemed like my fears were coming true haha


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