On body positivity

First off, let me be clear – I am all for the body positivity movement. I am a feminist and I have a body – there’s no way I could be against it. How could I not support a movement that aims to lift people of all sizes into the spotlight and show that not only proportionate … More On body positivity

New eyes

I didn’t know what to do with myself today. It was Labour Day so I didn’t have work, but I also didn’t have anything to do. I did my washing, I watched (far too many) episodes of Gilmore Girls, I played the ukulele until my uncalloused fingers cried out in defeat. I still felt restless and listless, so I decided … More New eyes

On my Arts degree

I have no idea where my degree is taking me. I’m totally cool with this, because I love what I’m studying. I have never been set on a career path. I was not one of those kids who was all “I’m going to be a doctor when I grow up!” and actually went through with … More On my Arts degree