The story of a blog

As I’ve mentioned a million times, I’ve been feeling super frustrated with the writing process, so it was really lovely to find out that Eliza had nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award! I didn’t realise that blog awards were still a thing because the last one I got was in 2012, but I’m super glad they are coz it totally made my day.

I’m supposed to give a brief story of how my blog started; I outlined the reasons why I made this blog in my first ever post, but basically I was in a cycle of creating blogs, writing one post, deciding I didn’t like the platform so deleting it and starting again. When I finally decided I wanted to make something that would last, I did a lot of research on different blogging platforms before deciding WordPress was the best choice for me. I guess that research paid off, because this blog is the longest running of any of my creative endeavours and even though I don’t write as much as I’d like to, I’m still mad proud of it.

I’m also supposed to give two pieces of advice to new bloggers, which feels a little weird considering I’ve had this blog for 5 years and it’s still just a teeny tiny corner of the internet. One thing that has taken me far too long to realise that if you enjoyed a post, you should comment on it. It doesn’t have to be anything super thoughtful or meaningful – it’s just nice to let someone know “hey, I read your post and I enjoyed it”.

My second piece of advice isn’t technically just for bloggers because I think it applies to everyone: you should record your memories, even if you don’t publish them anywhere. The main thing I’ve gotten out of keeping a blog is that it’s a really great way to remember emotional snapshots and fragments of memories that otherwise you’d have forgotten. When I’m feeling blank or fidgety, I like to read through my old happy lists and remember little things that made me smile.

Even though I’m supposed to finish this off with blogs that I nominate, I’m just going to list some sites & posts that I enjoy (because I love lists, and not all the blogs I love are on WordPress):

My obsession with awards

I’ve always been someone who cares far more about the destination than the journey. I did Speech and Drama exams for 8 years, not because I loved them (I actually kind of hated them), but because I loved getting the certificates. Blogging is something new for me, in that I’m doing it purely for the experience. So I was very surprised and thrilled when the lovely Rose (butimbeautiful) nominated me for the Versatile Blogger award! I don’t even fully know what it means, but I do know that now I get to put a snazzy image on my blog’s sidebar. This very much appeals to the aforementioned desire. The rules say that I’m supposed to nominate 15 blogs for the award, but I’m contrary so here’s seven posts from blogs that I adore:

“The secret garden” – beancakes“Block Party!” yourstylejourney; “What’s happened to me?” – thetutorial; “Why Pintrest Leads to Disappointment” – kissmysass7; “Hey Girl Hey?” – eastcoastelegance; “The Self-Destructive Cycle of Wanting to be a Hipster” – wejustneversayit; “Is There Anything They Won’t Make a Film Out Of?” – edwardhotspur

Also I’m supposed to give seven facts about myself:
  • I’m terrified of ducks.
  • I pretend I’m into indie/folk/rock/alternative music only, but I have a secret love for musical theatre and country.
  • I had a diploma at 17.
  • I’m currently on study leave and should be studying for my Classics exam, but procrastination ftw.
  • At the high point of my life, I had 5 cats.
  • I was the one to tell my English teacher what an oxford comma is.
  • I have never set foot inside a gym.